August 4, 2008

The Innovator's Guide To Growth

Whenever I start a seminar, a class or a conference, I often say that innovation is much more than an idea that you happen to find in a yoga posture. Innovation has to do with creating a different and profitable business model. But day to day job is overwhelming and time consuming for managers as well as for employees. My experience advising companies from a variety of industries is that innovation can be managed. All you need is:

>>Methodology to develop an innovation process within your company.
>>And the right allocation of resources (money and time).

This week I'm reading a powerful book, The Innovator's Guide to Growth ( It’s plenty of tools and frameworks that may help you to overcome the traps that stands in the way to successful innovation.

I'm trying to be innovative reading such a book, and I've found a pleasant way to do it: reading it while walking in the ocean with water up to my knees.

I row with a kayak every day in the lake in front of the house I'm staying in.

Yesterday I went snorkelling with some friends to Key West Florida. It's unbelievable the amount of fish that you can see around corals. All kind of colours and sizes. It's definitively deserves more visits.

There is one positive thing about finding iguanas at Coral Gables when you are walking around. It's being told that they never attack you. Thank God!

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