August 27, 2007

5 lessons in New York

Last week I made a brief visit to New York to see new trends in retailing. These are a few things that caught my eye:

Location is important, but not that much. 5th Avenue doesn't prevent your prices from "free falling"...

In Abercrombie & Fitch, buying clothes is the closest experience to having a drink in a pub: the atmosphere is absolutely outstanding. The music they play in the store is particulary relevant.

Apple Store, 3:05 pm: 200 customers.
Check your email, try the iPhone, ask any question, feel at home!

Sony Store, 3:30 pm: 10 customers.
No wifi, no pictures allowed, "do not touch" banners, security people not particularly friendly...

Great message for the employees on the backdoor of the Hilton Hotel: We make it happen.

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  1. Now we understand why Apple is the leader an Sony de Follower, thank you for the pictures.


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