July 28, 2012


After four years in Twitter, I've done a #MassiveUnfollow. Why? As a platform to connect people and organizations it's magnificent. But it could easily be an addictive way to waste your time, and what is worse, your energy. Definitely, the information overload is creating more anxiety than structured knowledge. In fact, we don't really need to know about so many things from so many sources. On the other hand, I find particularly boring this growing trend to seek fake followers through new ways of flattery (RT and FF) in order to become a "wannabe Twitter celebrity" (haven't we enough celebrities!?).

What we need is some time to Stop&Think who we are, who we want to be and what habits and tools may help us in the process. And then, we need the courage to draw a line between relevance and irrelevance, online and offline too. If we don't want to literally #StayFoolish (as Steve Jobs recommended), we need to #StayFocusedLet me suggest you to do a #MassiveUnfollow and start again choosing carefully whom to follow. If you choose well, maybe a dozen could be more than enough. 

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  1. Querido Alvaro, sin duda las redes social e pueden ser muy adictivas. En un primer momento, pueden el vacío, el aburrimiento, de ocupación y en el medio y largo plazo, te destrozan (el tiempo, las relaciones, la autodisciplina y un etc largo). Sin la debida conciencia y disciplina, puede ser una droga como otra...
    Muy acertado tu comentario " After four years in Twitter, I've done a Massive Unfollow"
    Un saludo


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