August 19, 2009

The book and the kayak

After a month writing and kayaking in the lake, the book is pretty well advanced (60%, I would say).

It's interesting how open spaces inspire much more than closed ones. In the creative process, when you get stuck, there is something magic in going out there... It's what I heard from Sting -who used to go to the garden to find the lyrics- and what I've actually done, by rowing in the lake for around 30 miles.

Now that I'm about to leave for New York and Boston for a three-week holiday, I post these three pictures that really catch the essence and the feelings of these weeks in Miami.

I wish I could jump on this cloud to travel the ocean.

We've spent some miles together, haven't we?

When I am old and grey, I hope this picture will recall for me these unforgettable weeks spent on writing my first book (I hope it won't be the last one).