August 17, 2008

From Delray Beach to Uruguay

After a weekend in Delray Beach, where I swam at the Ocean under a huge thunderstorm (it was impossible to take pictures of this experience, but it was delightful anyway), I went to Uruguay to keep on working with Lolita-Masstige in the transformation process that we started last February.

Michel Cohen, Margarita Silveira, Miguel Veresqui, Alvaro González-Alorda, Eliana Hodara and Lorena Suárez, after the third meeting of the Transformation Process Committee.

Saturday morning in La Rambla (Montevideo).

With Federica Fontana, my sister Marías's best friend, her husband, Esteban, and a friend, Adolfo de Bernardo.

Sunset in "Rosaire", the house where I spent the weekend with friends in Delray Beach (Florida).

At the front door, barefoot and relax.

I've just arrived to Miami this morning, where the weather is sunny and humid, as usual. On Tuesday, I will travel to Colombia to give a conference on innovation and to have meetings with some companies.

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