May 7, 2013

Building Businesses in Emerging Markets

I've recently participated in the program "Building Businesses in Emerging Markets" at Harvard Business School. It's hard to summarize in a post so many learning experiencies. Here is one: the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) is quite diverse across the world, but the following recommendations presented in the classroom by Professor Kas Rangan may help you to designing your entry approach depending on each sub-segment: Middle Income, Low Income and Subsistence.

We were 40 people from 18 different countries. But let me introduce the formidable team with which I was pleased to work: Tolu Adesalu, Ralf Otto, Álvaro, Tasu Adamjee, Jesús García and Thomas Holenia.

Mellon Hall at HBS.
Charles River.
View from my room at HBS. Not bad, uh? ;-)