August 24, 2011

I don't close on holidays...

...but I try to have fun when I work. So this is me working at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Flor #35. My office in Manhattan. ;-)
Talking about fun... I had much of it today going with a friend to Staten Island by ferry.

I've just remembered the same trip 6 years ago, when I was young and wild. We all have a past...

Tomorrow I will start my holidays in Boston. But I leave you with the soundtrack of my new book: The Talking Manager.


  1. pero ¿quién es ese melenas? si creía que era un coleguita tuyo de los niullores!

  2. Incredible view from your new office! I would like to have a similar office! ahahah!

    Have a nice time in Boston!


    Carlos del Val!


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