August 30, 2008


My latest reading has been Made to Stick, a mandatory book for CEO's, managers, businessmen, professors, educators, politicians, journalists, and anybody who struggle to make their ideas “stick” in their audiences.

I've just finished a couple of days ago at the country house (located in Boston) where I'm staying for three weeks with old friends.

The house where I'm staying was built in 1827. And after a few refurbishments it still keeps the charm and the feeling of living in the 19th Century.

It takes me 30 minutes by bike to go from the wood to the ocean where the Kennedy's uses to go for swimming and sailing.

Yesterday was the famous Labor Day in the US, when children enjoy the last day of the summer at the beach. Today, you can see them in their uniforms going back to school. Poor things!

Last week I went to the Plimoth Plantation, where Native Wampanoag and Colonial English men and women live their lives, as if it were the 1620s.

This is not a painting, but a real picture that I took of one lady at the Plimoth Plantation.


  1. You should tell who recomends you the book...

  2. Hi Alvaro,
    I've become a subscriber of your blog a couple of months ago and I'm wondering... Do you need anyone with experience in Corporate Communication willing to travel that much? I wouldn't mind you know... :)

  3. Sorry, Julio, I forgot to mention that it was you who recommended the book, apart from many other interesting suggestions.

  4. Hi Isabel:
    You can send me your CV, you never know when you might need an expert like you in Corporate Comunication.
    Congratulations for your blog.
    All the best!
    Alvaro Gonález-Alorda


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