April 4, 2007

Huete&Samhoud in Madrid

Some of the partners and consultants of Huete&Samhoud have been in Madrid tha last four days. Luis Huete and Salem Samhoud have recently launched a new office in Madrid to develop projects in this country. They are two European gurus specialized in transforming companies and helping them to achieve breakthroughs by readjusting the business model and by inspiring and connecting people (both employees and clients).

Apart from the unique opportunity of working with such a gurus as Luis Huete and Salem Samhoud, it is utterly remarkable the quality of the team. You can probably find consultants with similar experience and professional backgrounds, but it is not so frequent that you find people with such an extraordinary capacity to connect among each other and with clients. They really inspire you.

Well, I think I’m lucky for having the opportunity to work with them.

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